I've spent the past few years traveling around seeing what I can do to improve our world. I've spent 4 years at the University of Michigan studying engineering. I spent a month in Ghana setting up pilot plastic recycling programs. I spent a month in Ecuador studying Spanish, working on an organic farm, and building schools. I spent a month in Israel studying the culture. I was in charge of site development for the North American Summer Service Team at the University of Michigan and was a Site Leader for the Pangaea World Service Team. I was a member of the percussion based stage performance group called Groove for 4 years. I am a founding member and VP of Corporate Social Responsibility for Juice High Voltage Entertainment. I'm currently a Team Leader for AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps Pacific Region. I've also worked as an engineering intern for Parsons conducting feasibility studies for small towns in Texas in order to see how they could upgrade their public water systems for 3 summers. While attending the University of Michigan I worked with project SERVE to help development service learning initiatives. I am interested in traveling, volunteering, urban and environmental planning/design, always stretching myself and personal development. Lately I've been reading a lot about personal finance and lifestyle design. One day I hope that I'll be either working for or owning my own company that focuses on environmental engineering and international travel and development.
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Every end is a new beggining

Blue 2 Update: So it’s been a long time since my last post.  CTI was a very busy time for all of us. Right after the TLs returned from Amerian Samoa we got our teams and we had lots of training with our team as well as meetings about our projects. For those of you … Continue reading

The Team Leaders are Back!

I’ve had my Pod for a week and a half and I must say I’m going to miss them when we actually get our teams.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure my team will be equally as great, but I have enjoyed being the Pod Leader for Pod 2. They’ve really bonded quite well … Continue reading

The Corps Members are here, the Corps Members are here!

So it’s been a little while since my last post. This is because we’ve been pretty busy. Last week we had a lot of time in our specialized roles to get things ready for the Corps Members to arrive. The Res Life Team starting putting together a social calender so people would have activities to … Continue reading

It’s starting to feel real

Tuesday October 6, 2009 I was absolutely exhausted today after PT. Ran 4.5 miles today… the most I’ve ever ran. So the day today. Very deceiving. The morning started off nice and easy. We had a great talk about Life After AmeriCorps which entailed what career opportunities there are for us and also talked about … Continue reading

Our first (and second?) spike

I haven’t been able to put up a post this week because we’ve spent the last 4 days out in the Redwood Forrest at Camp Mendocino. We spent our time helping develop parts of the camp. It’s set about 25 miles in from the coast in Northern California and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. It … Continue reading

Hands on Sacramento

Sunday September 27, 2009 Today some of us volunteered down in Old Sacramento for the Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival. I was supposed to be a stage assistant and help set up the stage in between acts but I never really got to any of that. They needed me to help set up booths … Continue reading

Quick Note: PT

Just a quick note while I’m on lunch break. I ran 4 miles today for PT. Pretty sure that’s the most I’ve ever run in one workout in my life. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Training Continues

It feels, to me at least, that the Team Leaders are entering a new stage of training now. Most of the past two weeks have been used to get us oriented to the rules and regulations as well as different staff member roles. Now it seems that we’re starting to focus on actual skills that … Continue reading

PT, Meetings, and Units Oh My!

This week can be described in one word…. meetings. Well, that and PT (physical training). I guess I should start from the beginning of the week though. On Monday we had a day of “Hands of Peace.” It’s a long workshop that is meant to have you think about communication and conflict resolution. We went … Continue reading

End of week 1

The first week/weekend is now over. On Friday we had our first service project. Friday was 9/11 and is now a National Day of Remembrance and Service. We broke up into 4 different groups and spent the morning in different parts of Sacramento doing community service. My group worked with the staff from Congresswoman Matsui’s … Continue reading